my sister's famous cupcake (and her living cupcake)

(lots of links today.. but they are FUN links!! did you ever meet a link you didn't click?!?!)

So... remember the awesome cupcakes that my sister made? (scroll down past my bday stuff)

Well, they are now famous... HERE!!
How fun is that?? On a cupcake blog!!

She made those cutie little cupcakes for her boyfriend's bday back in April.

Speaking of her boyfriend, Joe (who Lilly calls Potato Joe)... I've been wanting to share a few of his sites and talents for a while now, so now is a good time :)

Ever seen the Planet Green ads?? (click the slide show)
That's his.

How about this one? (well, if you're in the UK you might have seen it) I just now watched it for the 1st time... AWESOME!! (and one of my favorite songs is on in the background! yay!!)

And another... what? are you kidding me? seriously? he did that!?!
(I ask my sister that every time she shows me something else...teehee)

How about The Next Foodnetwork Star??

His 2007 Reel.
For Real. He is soooo talented.

And... he is working on his own film right now... Fathoms.
Check out the blog here.
I am completely amazed!!

That's just some of his work.

I would love to have just a smidge of that talent in working with the computer!!
I may be crafty, but not so much artistic ;)

Hope you enjoyed all the links!!

(Thanks for letting me share m&j!!)

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