here comes the cookbook!!

Recipe sharing people... watch your email :)
The cookbook is headed out soon!
(and a 2nd edition went out... with a few minor changes)

(It will be coming from my yahoo email address.)

It was more work than I expected to get it all together, but well worth it! I'm always jumping into projects like that :)

THANK YOU to all who submitted recipes!
I'm so happy with the turnout, that I'll probably do this again sometime. Not any time soon though :)


Happy Friday!


quick post!

Just a quick post while I am working on putting the recipe book together!! I'm up to page 46 so far :) Just a few more categories to go!

There are a bunch of new pictures up on my stitching blog :)

Here are a few fun things I've made for orders and gifts in the past month or so...

That's all for now!

(and we are up to page 49 in the recipe book!!)


last call for recipes!!

Today is the "deadline' for your recipes to be added to the "Can I Get that Recipe?" collection!

All the details are HERE....

I hope to start working on making the recipes look pretty in some sort of 'cookbook' form this week! (So I'm sure I can take a few straggling recipes as I am puttting the book together)

THANK YOU to eveyone who has their recipes in!!! So many yummy ones!!

Hope eveyone enjoyed their weekend :)


video blog from lilly

sometimes i'm too lazy (or is it too tired...) to type :)

a questionnaire on mommy by lilly.

(i found these questions listed on another blog, i just thought i'd document via video)

apparently, i like ice cream.

i do.

though not as much as lilly believes i do :)

and, it's been proven... lilly is obsessed with full house.

AND... don't forget!! (this may be my LAST reminder.... or not, who knows!)

the deadline is almost here for the recipe collection... up to this point I have more than 10 categories filled with over 65 recipes!! don't miss out, the deadline is this Sunday the 20th! I may be hunting down some of you individually to get your submissions in :)

Enjoy the rest of your week :)


our 4th

our 4th was busy.
exhausting actually.
but fun :)

we started the morning bright and early at Erin's for breakfast and a parade. after the parade we came back for a cookout!

(click HERE for LOTS more pics of the morning on erin's blog)

dave and the kids rested between events.
my brain does not let me rest when i have so many things to do!

our evening consisted of a cul-de-sac neighborhood gathering!
SOOOO much fun!
i wish we would have been doing this yearly for the past 5 years.

lilly's lemonade stand getting some more use. free lemonade this time :)

one of our neighbors provided this entire table of food by herself:) teehee. we had almost two others filled with food too!! YUM!

a few custom orders :) the 2nd set of pictures was ordered for the newest little baby in our life! (no, not ours biologically... but another little one for me to watch!! i'll introduce him properly sooner or later...)

and just a few goofy ones of the kids.

daddy had to get a new backpack. the first one wasn't big enough.


and dont forget the recipe collection!! i think it's safe to say we have at least 50 recipes so far, if not more!!

have a great week everyone :)


happy 4th!

we have a busy weekend planned.
so we wanted to wish everyone a...

Stamps are MP, of course :)

And to keep you updated...
The recipe collection has a new due date!


We are starting to get A LOT of recipes! YAY!!
Thank you to all who have already sent in recipes!
Thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word :)

Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend!


Wii are Family

For Father's Day we surprised Dave with the Wii and WiiFit.

In fact, earlier that week... Dave had started up a Wii savings envelope. (Little did he know there was one sitting wrapped up in his closet.) This money later went to buy MarioKart. (There is now a no more spending money block on the Wii in our household.)

We had heard that the Wii and the WiiFit were nearly impossible to find, so I wasn't too bent on being able to find one in time. But... I was able to find them both on 2 separate occasions within a week of wanting to find them for Father's Day. So... i knew it was meant to be, and it was OK for me to splurge, since they were there at the store for us :)

Here is our little Wii Family :)
or Mii Family should i say...

It's so fun to see each other in all the games.

Like when I'm jogging... the Mii kids and Mii Dave will run by.
One time Dave's Mii winked at me :) That was nice.

Or Mii Dave and Mii Lilly will throw me hula-hoops. (There is video of me hula-hooping. I was unaware I was being taped, and this will not be shown on the blog. or anywhere.)

We are thinking of making all kinds of Miis... grandmas and grandpas, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Scott from Meijer, the neighbors.... all the people we know... ha!

Here are some videos... from the first few days with the Wii.

I haven't noticed any extra aggression with the kids, so we aren't being bad parents by letting them box:) To be honest, I don't think they've 'played' too much since the day we got it. Lilly gets worn out from it pretty easy... she can only handle so much running in place and punching before her little arms and legs get tired :)

Mommy and Daddy are enjoying it though!

I never thought I'd be a gaming family... the Wii is fun though. Very family oriented, and even better that it is made by Nintendo.

Gotta give love to the old school games :)

Still reading??

...dont forget about the SALE @ Mandarin Pixie!

... and the recipe collection!! (i may be extending the due date for this, with this being a busy week/weekend for everyone)

Enjoy the rest of your week :)

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