video blog from lilly

sometimes i'm too lazy (or is it too tired...) to type :)

a questionnaire on mommy by lilly.

(i found these questions listed on another blog, i just thought i'd document via video)

apparently, i like ice cream.

i do.

though not as much as lilly believes i do :)

and, it's been proven... lilly is obsessed with full house.

AND... don't forget!! (this may be my LAST reminder.... or not, who knows!)

the deadline is almost here for the recipe collection... up to this point I have more than 10 categories filled with over 65 recipes!! don't miss out, the deadline is this Sunday the 20th! I may be hunting down some of you individually to get your submissions in :)

Enjoy the rest of your week :)


erin said...

Hysterical! love that Lilly puts in her obsession with Full House. Also love that your job is to make her yummy food. lol! I really need to get my recipes to you!

Betty said...

I may have to do it with Delany, can't wait to hear her answers.
Lily adorable, I was laughing when you ask her for your job and she said to make yummy food. A year ago, I asked the same questions to Delany and she said to me "Cooking and cleaning the house" Can't you believe it...
I just love it, well done.

Rorie said...

That is too cute. I love the look on her face when you asked what you were like as a little girl. :)
(And my recipes are coming, I'm getting them ready tonight!)

SHELLY said...

That was a hoot. I wonder what Ben would say if I asked him those questions...........may have to give it a try sometime soon.

Nicole and Sanjay said...

Lilly is too cute! I bet she will love to see this when she gets older. Thanks for sharing.

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