happy 4th!

we have a busy weekend planned.
so we wanted to wish everyone a...

Stamps are MP, of course :)

And to keep you updated...
The recipe collection has a new due date!


We are starting to get A LOT of recipes! YAY!!
Thank you to all who have already sent in recipes!
Thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word :)

Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend!


SHELLY said...

Ohmygoodness! I wish I would have found your blog sooner. I love, love, love stamping and your stuff is adorable! I'm sad that I never got to see all of your stuff.

Tammy said...

Happy Fourth!
I'm getting together an embroidery order for you this weekend - looks like maybe two towels, a name on a leotard and a tshirt. All do-able you think??

Katie said...

sent you should recipes!

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