here comes the cookbook!!

Recipe sharing people... watch your email :)
The cookbook is headed out soon!
(and a 2nd edition went out... with a few minor changes)

(It will be coming from my yahoo email address.)

It was more work than I expected to get it all together, but well worth it! I'm always jumping into projects like that :)

THANK YOU to all who submitted recipes!
I'm so happy with the turnout, that I'll probably do this again sometime. Not any time soon though :)


Happy Friday!


erin said...

Can't wait to see it!!!!! That's a lot of recipes. Thanks for all your hard work!

erin said...

oh yeah, and you need to go check out my blog ;)

positively lisa said...

Thank you so very much for compiling these awesome looking recipes!! I'll be printing and putting ina binder too! I'm definitely in for another edition!

Anonymous said...

hi Jen,

Could you send me the cookbook again? For some reason I never got it but I saw my address in there from Krysty's reply. weird. Thank you so much for putting this together. what a great idea!

Rorie said...

woohoo, can't wait to check them out! thanks for doing this. :)

Jen said...

Thanks so much!!! I'm having fun reading it - it looks great!!!!!

denise said...

thanks for putting this together jen! everything looks so delicious and i can't wait to try these yummy new recipes.

ali said...

I didn't get it. Can you send it again? ...whenever you get a chance

Anonymous said...

Could you send it to me again too.

Anonymous said...

I need it too. Aunt T

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