our 4th

our 4th was busy.
exhausting actually.
but fun :)

we started the morning bright and early at Erin's for breakfast and a parade. after the parade we came back for a cookout!

(click HERE for LOTS more pics of the morning on erin's blog)

dave and the kids rested between events.
my brain does not let me rest when i have so many things to do!

our evening consisted of a cul-de-sac neighborhood gathering!
SOOOO much fun!
i wish we would have been doing this yearly for the past 5 years.

lilly's lemonade stand getting some more use. free lemonade this time :)

one of our neighbors provided this entire table of food by herself:) teehee. we had almost two others filled with food too!! YUM!

a few custom orders :) the 2nd set of pictures was ordered for the newest little baby in our life! (no, not ours biologically... but another little one for me to watch!! i'll introduce him properly sooner or later...)

and just a few goofy ones of the kids.

daddy had to get a new backpack. the first one wasn't big enough.


and dont forget the recipe collection!! i think it's safe to say we have at least 50 recipes so far, if not more!!

have a great week everyone :)


Tammy said...

That Uncle Sam-looking fella is a trip! And I'm totally loving the fireworks cupcakes! I may have to steal that idea for next year now that I'm an expert cake decorator. HA!

erin said...

I loved so much that this will become a tradition for us! Thanks for coming! Super cute new embroidery! The pics of the kids and the backpack are way too funny!

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