typing with one hand.

weve been busy.
family pictures.
2 BBQs.
a baby shower.
an 8 foot pool.

here is dave and his 'mini me'.
lilly sometimes calls cohen... 'mini'.

here's the big boy on his one month birthday :)

and here is miss L feeding master C his first bottle.
he chugged 3 oz. like it was a snack.

ill share family pictures sometime sooner than later.
have a great week everyone!


hello hello

just some pictures.
my computer time is pretty much non existant anymore.
that's ok.
id gladly give up the computer completely for these 2 :)


the 1st week.

a family of 4.
we are doing well so far.
definitely different.
but in a very good way :)

im sure life will get back to normal.
some day.

there's a sale this weekend at the store.
almost forgot about national scrapbook day.
imagine that :)

have a super weekend everyone!!
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