typing with one hand.

weve been busy.
family pictures.
2 BBQs.
a baby shower.
an 8 foot pool.

here is dave and his 'mini me'.
lilly sometimes calls cohen... 'mini'.

here's the big boy on his one month birthday :)

and here is miss L feeding master C his first bottle.
he chugged 3 oz. like it was a snack.

ill share family pictures sometime sooner than later.
have a great week everyone!


Janelle said...

Awesome pics, Jen! What a handsome little boy you have there!

ali said...

He's a cutie! It sounds like you are staying busy and having fun!! Lilly is doing a great job with her baby brother!

Katie Jones said...

how adoreable is he. Love the one of him and Dave!

Anonymous said...

Jen, they are so cute!! I wish we could see you guys more often. We just them to pieces. Can't wait to see more pictures. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Not ann jen its me Laura! I was really taken aback by the pic of Cohen in the chair we are so used to seeing Lilly in!Hes a handsome lil guy! Im glad youre all doing so well!

Katiepops said...

They are such cutie pies! He really reminds me of Lilly when she was a baby and all legs! :)

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