fb rejects and kid convo combo

coulda been on facebook...

-Finding a forgotten pair of jeans in your closet that actually fit = awesome.

-Ask permission.

-Who took away my natural light? Give it back. Please.

-Don’t expect what you aren’t willing to give.

and kid convos in the same post...

Mom. Pretty much you’re not gonna win.
Cohen while playing Candy Land against Mommy.
February 15, 2011

Me: You’re still sleepy, girl.
Lilly: No. My eyes can’t open.
To Lilly when she is up way before she needs to be.
February 16, 2011

Mom. This isn’t gonna be appropriate… what I’m going to say.
This looks like a little pink poopy.
Lilly, picking up and showing me a dried glob of pink frosting off the counter.
February 24, 2011

Mom look. He looks like coach Obama.
Lilly, in response to what Cohen picked out to wear… an OSU shirt.
(clearly sports and politics are big in our house.)
March 25, 2011



my best girl in all the world...
 happy birthday sweet Lillian :)
we love you.
a billion times over.


chalk wall

i've been politely reminded that i need to put official chalk wall pics up.
dave sanding the wall... and taping after that.
cohen priming the wall (with leftover primer from his room.)
more priming...
and lilly too!
the priming is done!
(actually kind of a fun color by itself...)
next... the chalk board paint.
dave did 2 layers.
we've been enjoying the wall.
practing spelling words.
just having fun.

here is one of my favorites :)
a group effort.
(i think i like santa on the rainbow the best ;)



i was commissioned by a great friend's step-mom to make four dozen 
special order white peacock sugar cookies for a bridal shower.

here is what i came up with :)
 the white peacock and i are best friends now :)
(we were up till the wee hours together.)

thank you lesley, for passing on my name and supporting me in so many ways.
and thank you deb, for your order and your glowing words!!

Sweet Day is doing very well.
and i am so excited about that.

 (and p.s.  if you arent already, be sure to like the SDB FB page for updates!)


hello market

so spring break 2011 has begun.
we dont go anywhere fancy for spring break.
but we do try to make it special...
and do things we dont normally do :)

like go to the farmer's market and spend lots of money.
on delicious stuff like this focaccia bread.
 and a half gallon of pure maple syrup.
(this should last through the summer)
the little man would eat daddy's homemade pancakes constantly.
(for breakfast. lunch. and dinner. snacks too.)
if we let him.

we also got a huge asiago breadstick (which we ate immeadiately)
and some bacon & cheese brats, which we will enjoy this week :)

can't wait for our garden and the outdoor markets!
soooo missing our fresh tasty food.


not superwoman.

these blog posts have been few and far between.

ive been cookie-ing.
and embroidering.
and parenting.
and cooking.
and reading.
and praying.
and hearing.

and this one little word has been popping up all around me.

(ok. i hear ya.)

and i am trying to obey.
not sure what that looks like for this little blog.
but i do know what that looks like in my 'real' life.
it means i can't do it all. i shouldn't do it all. and it's ok if i don't :)

and believe me... i don't do it all.
it may seem like it here on the blog.
but this is just a teeny portion of my life.
i'm not superwoman.

i just play one on the blog.


deal blogs

here are few blogs i follow with lots of deals. and coupons.
so many deals and coupons that they flood my google reader.
(lots of coupons for lots of junk that we just dont eat... or just dont need)

i am almost tempted to take them off my blog reading list
because of all the coupons i won't use.
(and a lot of them are redundant...)

but then i might miss that one deal that i want.
like return labels shipped for $3.95.
or 2 pairs of boots for $16.00 shipped.
or a cute pink land's end rain jacket for $14.93 shipped. 
(i think it was originally $50ish)
or free redbox codes. yay!

so for now. they will stay on my blogroll.

Couponing For 4


Mojo Savings

have fun couponing :)
(and let me know if you every score anything great from one of them!!)



thanks to a very generous Christmas gift...
we enjoyed lunch at the movies on a rainy saturday.
and we rocked out the 3D glasses.
yes. we. did.


foodie blogs i love.

ok. to some fun stuff today.
going to start sharing some of the blogs i follow.
i follow a lot. too many actually.
and i am in process of weaning some out.

but today. a few foodie blogs i love.

(this one has more than food ;)

ok. let those ones sink in.
i will be sharing more :)


praise Him in the rain

I’m not gonna lie.

I had a hard week.
A number of things going on. Not just one thing.
I shed a few tears. I thought a lot. I prayed a lot. I did my best to see.
I prayed for patience. For clarity. For strength. For my words. For wisdom.

I am a full believer that everything happens for a reason.
That everyone in my life and every situation in my life happens for a purpose.
That everything happens to teach us something.
And that God does things in our life to get us to the place He wants us to be.
To teach us how to be.

But life is still hard. And I am not always right. Sometimes I disappoint myself, and I disappoint others. Sometimes things still hurt. And that is ok. And I am ok. And that everything will be ok. Even if I cry too much.

And you know what. It’s not all about me. And that is ok.
It’s about others. And what is best for them. And how I can help them and be part of their life.

I am so so so very blessed. By all the wonderful people in my life.
That alone makes me wonder why I get so worked up about things.
I am emotional. I can’t hide my feelings. It’s true. But that is who I am.
And I am ok. I am enough.

We are all wonderfully made. And with much reason and purpose.
We all bring our own thing to the table. And that is good. 

I'm not in a storm. More like some gentle rain.  But I LOVE this song.
I will praise Him in the rain, because there is usually a rainbow just around the corner :)
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