chalk wall

i've been politely reminded that i need to put official chalk wall pics up.
dave sanding the wall... and taping after that.
cohen priming the wall (with leftover primer from his room.)
more priming...
and lilly too!
the priming is done!
(actually kind of a fun color by itself...)
next... the chalk board paint.
dave did 2 layers.
we've been enjoying the wall.
practing spelling words.
just having fun.

here is one of my favorites :)
a group effort.
(i think i like santa on the rainbow the best ;)


Katie said...

looks super fun.

Rorie said...

That blue does look good. The chalkboard wall is such an awesome idea!

Swedish Mama said...

Love it, thanks for sharing the process.

Anonymous said...



Laurie J said...

that looks super fun...and the fun just keeps going and going and going with a chalkboard wall! :)

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