hello market

so spring break 2011 has begun.
we dont go anywhere fancy for spring break.
but we do try to make it special...
and do things we dont normally do :)

like go to the farmer's market and spend lots of money.
on delicious stuff like this focaccia bread.
 and a half gallon of pure maple syrup.
(this should last through the summer)
the little man would eat daddy's homemade pancakes constantly.
(for breakfast. lunch. and dinner. snacks too.)
if we let him.

we also got a huge asiago breadstick (which we ate immeadiately)
and some bacon & cheese brats, which we will enjoy this week :)

can't wait for our garden and the outdoor markets!
soooo missing our fresh tasty food.


Rorie said...

Oo, that all sounds so yummy!

arminda said...

Where do you go to find a Farmer's Market this time of year? Reece and I were talking Friday about what we wanted to plan this year. He's so antsy about buying seeds already haha. I can't blame him! (and the breadstick sounds divine!)

Katy Cameron said...

That sounds so yummy.

I'm determined to not be working long enough to get to at least one of the bi-monthly ones held in Glasgow this summer!

Katie said...

I love the farmers market! I like vermont syrup and I am almost out.

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