deal blogs

here are few blogs i follow with lots of deals. and coupons.
so many deals and coupons that they flood my google reader.
(lots of coupons for lots of junk that we just dont eat... or just dont need)

i am almost tempted to take them off my blog reading list
because of all the coupons i won't use.
(and a lot of them are redundant...)

but then i might miss that one deal that i want.
like return labels shipped for $3.95.
or 2 pairs of boots for $16.00 shipped.
or a cute pink land's end rain jacket for $14.93 shipped. 
(i think it was originally $50ish)
or free redbox codes. yay!

so for now. they will stay on my blogroll.

Couponing For 4


Mojo Savings

have fun couponing :)
(and let me know if you every score anything great from one of them!!)


Jodie said...

If you had to pick one, which one is your favorite? I'd like to try one out, but not all at once.
Thanks for sharing these Jen!

Nicole said...

I have slowly gotten on board with some of the deal sites too. I'm with you that there are just too many with too much junk though. It is hard to choose.

I see that you are also a donut fan and that you entered to win the donut pan on Iowa Girl Eats. I am giving away a copy of Lara Ferroni’s Doughnut Book, a donut pan, and an extra wide pastry bag for making French crullers on my blog. Stop by and enter to win. Winner will be announced on March 15. http://bit.ly/e29O8c

arminda said...

I follow quite a few myself, though these are all new to me! :) Oy! I created a new email address that I use to sign up for all kinds of offers, deals, what not. My current addiction is FREE SAMPLES! :) Yay! I'm gonna check these blogs out now, thanks!

Anonymous said...

i was just at someone else's site and they were talking about something called mr. rebates. have you ever used this? did you like it?? :)

lisa said...

I follow a couple of these via fb...been out of the blog world for a while. Thanks for the links, perhaps I'll follow via blogger and see how it goes!

jen said...

jodie... id probably say hip2save or krazycoupon ladey :)

g... i havent heard or mr.rebates. i may avoid it though, im in over my head with these crazy coupon sites ;)

erin said...

I love good deals and you are the queen of finding them! I wish there was a way I could put in some filters and only get what I want to my reader/email. Thanks for sharing those sites!

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