not superwoman.

these blog posts have been few and far between.

ive been cookie-ing.
and embroidering.
and parenting.
and cooking.
and reading.
and praying.
and hearing.

and this one little word has been popping up all around me.

(ok. i hear ya.)

and i am trying to obey.
not sure what that looks like for this little blog.
but i do know what that looks like in my 'real' life.
it means i can't do it all. i shouldn't do it all. and it's ok if i don't :)

and believe me... i don't do it all.
it may seem like it here on the blog.
but this is just a teeny portion of my life.
i'm not superwoman.

i just play one on the blog.


Jen said...

cookie-ing is a fun word. : )

Sounds like you are BUSY!!

David said...

You are my Superwoman sweeite girl

arminda said...

I've been praying for you Jen. Don't know why, just keep feeling like I'm supposed to. ;) Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Have to say that I strive to do more and be a better mom because of all of your different posts! Do I guess I kind of see you as a superwoman!


Anonymous said...

So and Maggie (sorry)

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