i was commissioned by a great friend's step-mom to make four dozen 
special order white peacock sugar cookies for a bridal shower.

here is what i came up with :)
 the white peacock and i are best friends now :)
(we were up till the wee hours together.)

thank you lesley, for passing on my name and supporting me in so many ways.
and thank you deb, for your order and your glowing words!!

Sweet Day is doing very well.
and i am so excited about that.

 (and p.s.  if you arent already, be sure to like the SDB FB page for updates!)


Anonymous said...

super cute Jen. You did an amazing job!!!


Sam said...

Very, very cool. You should send some to me to make sure they taste alright, though.

Deni said...

I love peacocks and those cookies look great. P.S. I could have eaten all the cookies you made for Life group!

Lesley said...

You're more than welcome for the referral. You do great work!

Rorie said...

Those are absolutely, deliciously gorgeous looking! Bet they tasted just as good too. :)

erin said...

Amazing!!!! I'm so impressed!

Krysty said...

Wow! They turned out perfectly Jen! Good job!

colorchic said...

Jen, Your cookies look amazing! Sorry we are on the west coast or I would totally order some. Perhaps when we road trip through your area I'll pick some up! Thanks for commenting for RJ Giveaway. You could wrap some cookies up with ribbon and leave a link for another chance to win ;)!

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