fb rejects and kid convo combo

coulda been on facebook...

-Finding a forgotten pair of jeans in your closet that actually fit = awesome.

-Ask permission.

-Who took away my natural light? Give it back. Please.

-Don’t expect what you aren’t willing to give.

and kid convos in the same post...

Mom. Pretty much you’re not gonna win.
Cohen while playing Candy Land against Mommy.
February 15, 2011

Me: You’re still sleepy, girl.
Lilly: No. My eyes can’t open.
To Lilly when she is up way before she needs to be.
February 16, 2011

Mom. This isn’t gonna be appropriate… what I’m going to say.
This looks like a little pink poopy.
Lilly, picking up and showing me a dried glob of pink frosting off the counter.
February 24, 2011

Mom look. He looks like coach Obama.
Lilly, in response to what Cohen picked out to wear… an OSU shirt.
(clearly sports and politics are big in our house.)
March 25, 2011


Rorie said...

hahaha, love the "you're not gonna win this" comment. Too funny. :)

Katie said...

keep recording these. I think it makes you a historian. I have notes in my phone for things like this because I think it's our history. I've been blogging them too although this year I've made a special point to record more things.

erin said...

Coach Obama! LOVE it!

Like Katie said, keep these going. They are priceless!

Swedish Mama said...

Thanks. Am smiling.

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