the birthday girl...
on her birthday :)

look at her.
we love her so much.

cant believe we actually got this picture...
in our living room :)

the big party is today... so stay tuned for more pics :)


happy 3rd birthday!

happy 3rd birthday baby girl :)
here we are...
3 years ago today...
time really does go by too fast.



lilly with a st. particks day treat that we made.
that grin though.
she is going to love seeing all these cheesy pictures someday.

gorgeous day today... hope it is here to stay!
but cant expect too much living in ohio.
itll probably snow next weekend.
enjoyed 'spring break' last week.
miss L and i were running around quite a bit, then coming home to nap.

loved it.

other stuff that went on...
-lilly's 3 year apoointment.
-OB appointment.
-orthodontist appintment.
-trip to the dentist with daddy so lilly knows what itll be like for her first cleaning.
-had the walls in the basement reinforced. (goodbye tax return).
-cat sat for the neighbors.
-lots of little shopping errands.

i think that is about it... besides the BEST part for me :)
i got a pedicure, haircut, and eyebrow waxing.
made me feel so nice and special.
here is an after pic :)
( i love when someone else does my hair!)

oh the belly.
getting huge.

ive actually done my hair 4 days in a row now... lol.
not sure that will keep up with the kiddos coming back tomorrow.
sometimes sleep and a ponytail is a bit easier for me :)

have a great week!!


still here.

im still here.
i have a feeling that the blog posts will be few and far between.
this week is spring break... so i get a bit of a 'break' (if that is possible).

had an OB appointment and an orthodontist appointment today.
also did some easter basket shopping at the dollar tree.
fun stuff.

took lilly to a big sister class/tour at the hosiptal last weekend.
she did so well. it was a lot of fun for all of us.

did too much shopping this weekend, spent too much money.
i got 4 awesome nursing bras that i am very excited about!
and a new diaper bag.
and a giganto bottle of dreft detergent.
and a new laundry basket for fin's room.
and a boy coming home outfit.
(still on the lookout for a girl outfit... go figure)

got lilly a very cute hot pink swivel top trash can for her room.

fin still remains fin.
names this time around are so challenging...
im so sad that we dont have them set in stone already.
i feel so guilty.
the name isnt going to 'hit' us... it would have by now, i am sure.

we knew lilly's name in 1999. ha!
(for real, we did...)

ok... hope to post again soon, i have some scrapbook pages to share.
and pictures too.


lots o pics

just thought id share a bunch of pics tonight... im so far behind with, oh... everything.

remember valentine's day?
the kids made chocolate covered generic oreo's on a stick.
i picked up mint ones for st. patty's day.
always need a reason to dip things in chocolate :)

trying to make the tradition of some sort of fun red velvet cake to go along with a special valentine's dinner.
here is what we came up with this year :)

lilly eating homemade strawberry jam.
we went to my grandma's for a lesson.
grandma makes the BEST jam.
ours is good... but not as good as grandma's.
we will keep trying :)

and the latest of the belly pics.
i absolutely LOVE this one.
lilly sucking in her tiny little belly to reach over my not so tiny belly.

and me... dressed halfway nice for a change.
the hair, not so nice... lol. but i always look like that!

alright... off to bed.
maybe, if i can sleep.
id like to sleep in a foam pit.



...at MP today!

{check out the blog to see why}

...a fancy talented group of ladies are the March guest DT members :)

thanks for all the names on my last post... i need to compile a list and highlight.

also... just got an email from Jen at islandgirlscrapwear (link to the right) that all her shirts are on sale for $5.00!! she has some very fun shirts... i have the peace, love, scrap shirt... its adorable, but hanging in my closet. maybe i should try it on... i bet she'd like a picture of that!! lol....

TGIF and happy weekend everyone :)
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