lots o pics

just thought id share a bunch of pics tonight... im so far behind with, oh... everything.

remember valentine's day?
the kids made chocolate covered generic oreo's on a stick.
i picked up mint ones for st. patty's day.
always need a reason to dip things in chocolate :)

trying to make the tradition of some sort of fun red velvet cake to go along with a special valentine's dinner.
here is what we came up with this year :)

lilly eating homemade strawberry jam.
we went to my grandma's for a lesson.
grandma makes the BEST jam.
ours is good... but not as good as grandma's.
we will keep trying :)

and the latest of the belly pics.
i absolutely LOVE this one.
lilly sucking in her tiny little belly to reach over my not so tiny belly.

and me... dressed halfway nice for a change.
the hair, not so nice... lol. but i always look like that!

alright... off to bed.
maybe, if i can sleep.
id like to sleep in a foam pit.


Rorie said...

Oo, a foam pit. Sounds comfy. Love that belly shot with Lilly. And yum! Chocolate covered mint oreos. I think I may have to do that.

Missy said...

oh my...
that pic of you and lil is PRICELESS.love it.

Janelle said...

Great pics, especially the one of you and Lilly ~ adorable!!

Katie Jones said...

that lilly photo is adoreable

Betty Baldinger said...

Hi Jenn!
I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you but through Erin’s blog I got the change to check your blog. Congratulation for your pregnancy hope everything is nice and smooth for you. The picture of you & Lily is priceless. By the way I love the stamps, I will let you know when I will be ready to order more. I want to get the pupcat alphabet. Talk to you later

Anonymous said...

Love the belly pics, can't believe what a difference less than a year makes :o)


Anonymous said...

Precious photos!


Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute!!! I will call you sometime this week... have a story! =)


Denise said...

Oh my, that belly shot is beautiful:)

rmeyfe said...

OMG you are making me drool with all of your yummy pictures of food!!!

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you Jen. Hope you are still feeling well. You look great! AWESOME pic of you & Lilly!! Take care! Debbie L.

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