still here.

im still here.
i have a feeling that the blog posts will be few and far between.
this week is spring break... so i get a bit of a 'break' (if that is possible).

had an OB appointment and an orthodontist appointment today.
also did some easter basket shopping at the dollar tree.
fun stuff.

took lilly to a big sister class/tour at the hosiptal last weekend.
she did so well. it was a lot of fun for all of us.

did too much shopping this weekend, spent too much money.
i got 4 awesome nursing bras that i am very excited about!
and a new diaper bag.
and a giganto bottle of dreft detergent.
and a new laundry basket for fin's room.
and a boy coming home outfit.
(still on the lookout for a girl outfit... go figure)

got lilly a very cute hot pink swivel top trash can for her room.

fin still remains fin.
names this time around are so challenging...
im so sad that we dont have them set in stone already.
i feel so guilty.
the name isnt going to 'hit' us... it would have by now, i am sure.

we knew lilly's name in 1999. ha!
(for real, we did...)

ok... hope to post again soon, i have some scrapbook pages to share.
and pictures too.


Janelle said...

Hey, Jen... I'm sure that whatever name Fin ends up with, it will be just perfect for him or her!

Good luck with the big name decision and with finding a girl coming home outfit!

Rorie said...

Don't worry about the name thing. It will come. :) With Joey, we didn't totally decide on his name until after he was born.

ali said...

Don't worry about the name yet... We didn't decide on Lucas until we were in the operating room!

Good luck during your last few weeks! Enjoy Spring Break!!!

Katie Jones said...

sounds like some neat shopping finds. You'll get a name. You still have lots of time. And if you can't think of one I'll give you French Toast - because I think that's a swell name. ;o)

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