chip richter concert!

We were so very fortunate to welcome Chip Richter into our home last weekend!
For a very last minute in home concert :)
(I think some of my most fun decisions are made last minute ;)
We had an awesome group of family and friends show up!
We sang, and danced, and smiled :) (and of course we ate ;)
Cohen and his (my) cousin Jack listening very intently.
Lilly and her new friend Winnie singing along :)
We ALL had an amazing time!!

Thank you Chip. We had a blast.
Same time next year?


Krysty said...

Oh my word...one of my fave songs as a kid...ho-ho-ho-hosanna!
Thanks for the mini concert online. Wish we could have made it! Next year same time sounds good! We'll def. try to make it. Gotta watch again...Barrett is saying "mo, mo, mo song!"

Sam said...

Fun time. That was my first house-concert with Chip but if that's what they're all like I hope to do more. And you are a great host, Jen.

Swedish Mama said...

I vote for a return visit, it was a blast. I will work on getting my grandkids there.

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