My Life People ~Meet Denise!~

The 14th segment of My Life People...
meet Denise Hagan!
1.How do you know me?
I "met" you through our mutual friend, Erin, several years ago through your blog. I've been a fan of you and your blog for years now. I find it pretty funny that we have never met in person because I feel like I know everything about you! I know we will meet one day and I'm totally looking forward to that.

2.What is your favorite recipe at the moment?
Your frosting recipe! I'm hooked and have even started selling these bad boys in my area as well. They are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

3.Do you have junk under your bed? (as in... what's under your bed?)
Nothing. But trust me. If there were a way to fit anything under our bed I guarantee that there would be something. It'd be the stash place when company comes over and I want to paint the picture that my house is always tidy. I'd throw all that junk under there that really has no home but ought to. I hate that stuff.

4.Tell me 5 things recently crossed off your to-do list.
- Finished several valentine's day cookie orders. Phew!
- Sold all three pieces of our nursery furniture.
- Sanded and primed a dresser that I got at a thrift store for cheapy cheap that's going in my oldest daughter's room once it's white and beautiful. I hope.
- Spraypainted a bunch of stuff black. I was tired of the decor around the house (candle holders, fake plant baskets, nick nacky stuff) so I spruced it up with some spraypaint. So cheap. So easy. SO FUN!!! I'm totally addicted. Yesterday I dropped a can off to my friend who was having a lousy day. It's a real smile maker :)
- And my favorite accomplishment is that we FINALLY got a full-time aide for our Delaney. She's in Kindergarten and has sooooo needed an aide the entire year. It took five IEP's meetings, a parent advocate, a clinical psychologist that we hired on the side, and a good fight to make it all come together at last. I hate that money gets in the way of a school district doing what's right from the beginning.
5.Do you think you will have any more babies?
Now that we have sold all of our baby furniture hopefully not. I used to think that I wanted three kiddos but I've come to understand that I'm absolutely sure that two is all I can handle :)

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Don't keep up with my blog anymore, but this is on my to-do list :)
My notes on Denise:
Ah Denise :)  Just look at her gorgeous family.  Those girls are too sweet.  Denise feels like a friend who I've known forever... even though we have never met in real life.  She cracks me up. Especially when she posts pictures of her with her cardboard Edward (and has no shame in doing so ;)  She loves to have fun... and who doesn't want more fun in their life!!  Denise and I have chatted over a few important things in life.  She has asked for my advise... which is one of the biggest compliments I can get.  I do not even flinch when people roll their eyes about meeting friends online... because this is the perfect example that you can have online friends :)  If we lived closer I know we'd be offline friends too :) I can't wait to meet Denise in the flesh... and I know we will be dancing to whatever music is on!


Jen said...

I just love this little series that you do. What a great way to "introduce" us to other people in your life. I really should do the same one of these days.

Cardboard Edward? I'm guessing military family?

denise said...

i know i'm a nut, but my cutout edward is edward cullen. from twilight. i heart him :)

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