My Life People (Me - Part 6?)

more anwers to questions from My Life People ;)

15. I would like to know how far your craftiness reaches? You scrapbook, you are super awesome with the embroidery...what other hobbies/crafty fun to you have a passion for? :)
Let’s see here. Besides scrapbooking and embroidery I would have to add sewing, baking and cooking. And I like to say I am pretty crafty at making something from nothing when it comes to having ‘nothing’ in the fridge or pantry.  I'll try anything crafty, once :)  But not everything is for me... and about right now, I cannot let myself get into one more thing ;)

16. What is your favorite organization tip(s)?
Oh geez. Ouch. Who asked this question? ;) This is a hard question for me. I am not the most organized person in the world. In fact, I would not call myself organized in the material sense. At all. (Besides my coupons. In a little sorted plastic case/envelope pouch thing from the dollar store.) But… I am a little more organized in a timely ‘here is my to-do list' sense. I am organized when it comes to keeping a daily schedule, which is a list in my head. (Maybe I should add ‘organize the house’ to my list of things to do?) So… my favorite tips. 1. Keep lists. I am a big lister. Of things to do. Ideas for meals. Lists of what the kids say. Lists of groceries to buy. Lists of what’s on sale. Just make lists!! It gives you a sense of feeling organized, if nothing else ;)  And 2. keep a schedule.  (You can see just how organized I am by the organization of this answer alone ;)

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