hello, cookies!

so. i'm about to do something crazy.
i'm pretty sure im going to make the cookie thing official!
i am very very excited. so very excited.
what's another business... right?
(these cookies made for my moms2moms group this past week)
 (over 100 made. under 8 brought home.)

now i just need a name for me little bakery.
my mind is going.
and it's borrowing the talented minds of others for inspiration :)
any good name ideas out there??  there may be some cookies in it for you...


ooty1 said...

My vote is to keep the "Little Bean" and go with "Little Bean Bakery" or something like that! "Little Bean Cookies" ? Whichever it is, I can't wait to get some! :)

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

My vote is Little Bean Bakery as well! I love the square cooies and those colors! You are so talented!!!

Katie said...

I don't really think bean + cookies sounds appealing to me. I would go with something with the word "icing" or "sugar"

Rorie said...

Man, I wish I was good at coming up with clever names. Sadly, I'm not, but I think you'd do awesome at this venture!

Jennifer Pierre said...

Little Bean Baker
is what came to mind for me.
I am sure you'll come up with something creative!
Warm Wishes-Jennifer

Sam said...

I'm not creative so I won't be much help with the name, but I will be your first customer. Send me 12 dozen. STAT!

Anonymous said...

Just a few ideas for you sweetie girl!

Sweet J's Bakery
Sweet J's Eats
Sweets by Jen
yummy sweet delights
yummy sweets by jen
yummy sweets

You loving hubby :p

Anonymous said...

I still like What's Bakin'?

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I changed my mind ... after seeing Dave's post:

Sweetie Girl Bakery

jen said...

great ideas everyone :) 2 listed are actually 2 that are already high in the running ;)

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, I already thought it was a business lol Well good luck with your new venture whatever you name it

Rita said...

Sweet treats
Cookie Crumbs
Sprinkles and Crumbs

Anonymous said...

How about "Me Little Bakery"?
I read that and thought it sounded cute!

denise said...

Yay!!! So excited for you!!!!

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