coulda beens...

-You know im cool when a new fancy thermometer (the kind you roll across the forehead) gets me excited.

-The new thermometer will work better if you take the cap off.

-(Dave) Is that dry skin or dough? (While looking at my lovely winter hands.)

-Why is it when I make the little man take a nap he whines in his bed for an hour, but when I don’t make him take a nap he falls asleep on the living room floor?

-2 attempts at making homemade yogurt = FAIL

-Somebody broke my 4 cup glass measuring cup.

-I would like a lemon tree. And a lime tree. Please.

-Don’t try to talk while you are yawning. You may pull a muscle. In your throat.  And that hurts.

-Next time I get a 30% coupon to Kohl’s I am buying myself $100 worth of socks.  And some slippers to keep those sock from getting holes.

-Decision making is not my greatest skill.  But I am trying.


Krysty said...

You are cracking me up...I can so relate to most of those comments...esp. the decision making!! And I have a 30% right now if you need those socks! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

the homemade yogurt that I've tried is disgusting...give it up! Aunt T

Rorie said...

We love the temporal thermometer too. My kids beg to use it whenever we have to get it out.

Laurie J said...

this post is hilarious! did you really pull a muscle in your throat?! (ouch) btw...I thought the Dave Crowder band was the first to do that song--thanks for the info! I like his version, too :)

Deana said...

Hi Jen! It's Deana over at Country By Marriage. I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. I love your blog and wanted to let you know that! You can check out the post and grab the button here if you want.

Swedish Mama said...

Smiling, wish I knew what I did with the homemade yougurt recipe I used in the 80's. It was very good.

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