well, hello there february.

february came in looking like this.
some nice ice.  which made for no school.
and i declared today a YES day.
(a day in which i try really hard not to say no to anything.)
which is hard sometimes.
we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
we took medicine. and vitamins.
we kissed daddy to work.
the kids took a bath in the big tub.
we read gnomeo & juliet.
we got dressed.
we worked on valentine's day cards.
we played checkers.
we played war.
we played hockey.
we ate a cookie.
we watched alice and wonderland.
we ate popcorn.
we watched toy story. the first one.
we talked to aunt melissa.
we ate lunch on tray tables.
we ate popsicles.
we paid bills.
we read.
we watched the radar.
we played hangman.
we played memory.
we played guess who.
we practiced spelling words.
we got caught up on missed school work.
we listened to music.
we checked emails.
we got orders.
we took no naps.
(but cohen fell asleep on the floor at 3:30)
we made sugar cookies.
we painted toenails.
we watched videos on facebook.
we ate dinner.
we talked to great grandma.
we welcomed daddy home.
we shared a cookie.
we watched the weather channel.
we did more homework.
we roughhoused with daddy.
we took medicine.
and now it's bedtime.

today was a good day.


Katie said...

sounds like a good day

sarah said...

oh man. that is a GOOD, and a FULL day!

Laurie J said...

what a fun yes day! cinnamon rolls--yum :) and I have no idea what gnomeo and juliet is but I'll have to google it--sounds funny :)

Katy Cameron said...

I was worn out by lunchtime lol

Rorie said...

What a wonderful idea! No surprise, because you are always coming up with wonderful ideas. :)

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I love good days! You were very busy but a good stay at home Wednesday! Love that! Love your posts, too Jen!!! Your babysitter taught you well! He! He! Seriously thought, you are so much like your mom and dad! FUN!!!!

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