chicken egg salad

Lilly always gives me a hard time that 'my' recipes aren’t really my recipes.
'My' as in… a recipe that I make up all on my own.
Usually when I try to invent something all on my own, isn’t worth sharing.

I think this one is worth sharing.
(Though it isn’t totally my own idea from the start.)
It is loosely (and I say that loosely) based on a recipe from a food and family magazine.

Let’s call it… Jen’s chicken egg salad.
(just because Dave always wants a name for everything I make…)

Jen’s Chicken Egg Salad

3 hard boiled eggs, sliced both ways in my pampered chef slicer
1 - 5oz can of chicken, drained
red onions, diced
pickle(s), diced
a big glob of miracle whip
2 shakes (or 3 or 4) of celery seed

I would have added another pickle (or 2) for more crunch and flavor, but someone (uh hum... dave) ate all but one of them.  And I was wishing for a more fancy bun. Lilly likes it with crackers :)

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Swedish Mama said...

Just like Susie's--almost. I use canned tuna,m-m-m-m. And about the only way I can get Dwight to eat tuna.

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