and the winner is

...the winner of my first ever 'raffle' is.... erika!! congrats (I see you posted below and I am glad they arrived safely... enjoy!)
stay tuned for more posts, pictures, and maybe another game or something... you never know what i will think of next.

here are a few new pictures of the little booster just for the fun of it :) i was trying my darndest to take a picture of her that looked like she was talking (for a scrapbook page i am working on)... oh well, we got a few good ones... and then i got the "mommy, will you please stop taking pictures" picture :) oh... someday she will thank me for being a photo crazy mom :)


erin said...

Lilly will be so happy you took pictures galore and preserved them in such a loving way. It will just probably be after those teenage years. :)

heather said...

there are so many sayings that go along with that pic.. "mom, are you serious?", "...and your telling me this because?"...good pic!!

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