yes, michigan!

we went to the state up north yesterday to visit friends :)

dan and kelli.

got to see kelli's baby belly :) which is adorable.
we got to see dan's hair (that's how lilly said we would know it was dan... "the one with a lot of hair")

it was fun to get away for the day.

we make a QUICK stop to IKEA :)
litterally ran through the store.

cohen jumped.
lilly slid.

even watched a little football. (dan's team played a school who was having some VERY social homecoming festivities going on... all the jumpies, pumpkin decoration, food, face painting... )

a few videos :) (not from this weekend, but recent enough!!)

the red squirrel, and the harmonica man.

Have a happy week everyone :)


Anonymous said...

so glad you guys came up! It was such a nice day to be outside, too! It is always good to spend time with you guys. We are getting spoiled, since we get to see you guys in a month again, too! Yay! We could get used to that. Thanks for making the trip. Glad you had a safe trip back.


P.S. Dan thinks that is hilarious about his hair.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Cohen is adorable playing the harmonica. He may already know his calling. lol!


Debbie L. said...

IKEA in Canton? We were there yesterday too!! Too bad we didn't run into each other. Small world.

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