the little man.

the little man...

...is walking.
...is teething (2 molars and one bottom tooth).
...is cheesy.
...is 20 little peanut pounds.
...is really adorable.
...is ONE!!

we celebrated Cohen's 1st birthday last friday.
sometimes a year goes by so fast, doesn't it??

the last of the chair pictures!
i had to share a cheesy one too:)

and here are 2 of the 'formal' ones we took in the living room.

some presents made by mommy :)

And finally, some pictures from his big bday bash!

it was a martha inspired party.
inspired being the key word :)

martha's monkey cake would not be confused for a bear.
nor would it have a mullet :)
(there was a bit of a mudslide on the cake!)

either way, it was a fun day!!

have a wonderful weekend.


sarah said...

that monkey cake is way cute!!!

Krysty said...

What a fun theme! You are Martha girl...don't belittle that talent that you have! I would hire you in heartbeat to help with my parties. :-) He looks so cute and I love the cheesy pic!

Kim said...

Looks like lots of fun, Jen! The little man is getting so big!

erin said...

The party was so cute! You rocked the theme, girl! Thanks for inviting us!

April said...

very cute. you're so creative!!!

Laura said...

Aw Jen how fun! I love the little sacks! Im glad yougave MS her props lest I think you htought it all up by yourself. And dont fret. MS hasnt really baked a monkey cake in years!LOL Happy birthday to the lil guy! And you! I got lost in your blog the ohter day and loved every second of it. I ran out of time tho so i didnt leave a comment! Lilly is so precious too!

Janelle said...

I cannot believe he is one! Happy birthday, little guy!

Love the cake and the bags ~ how fun!!

Katie said...

love the cake and the cheesey photo! He's so cute!

Tammy said...

That picture of him cheesing it up is just ADORABLE! And you're quite the talented seamstress (is that the right word?) You made such cute stuff. Oh, and the monkey cake? AWESOME!!!

denise said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! Are you up for hire? You are so very talented Jen:)

Betty said...

You are so talent!
Everything looks wonderful. My faborite picture is when he is standing up on the rocking chair. Your boy has an adorable smile!

Jacquelyn said...

cute cake!

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