happy things for me.

some happy things.
i need to remind myself very often of the things that are good.
sharing the good things make me feel even better!

it's the little things that make me smile.

1. I won 2 drawings on blogs!

here and here.
i won an AWESOME card magazine (its a book really!) and a necklace!!

ill have a drawing soon, when i know ill have time to get something together and send something out :) who knows when that will be, not this week since we are getting ready for our garage sale.

2. i love going to garage sales :) here are some of my recent finds...

-this owl.

i acutally drove all the way back across town to get him, since i passed him up the 1st time. but when i got home and told the kids about him, i really wanted him, and said if he was still there when i went back he was meant for me :) he was there. he was marked for $2.00 and i bargained him for $1.00. because i am. that cheap.

-over $100 worth of stride rite shoes for $1.50.

you heard it. 50 cents each. and proud of it.
-every little girl needs some 50 cent dorothy shoes that are 3 sizes too big.

-listening to her 25 cent lion king cassette tape in her 50 cent peter pan pjs.

3. a zoo pass and 2 trips there in 2 weeks.

4. more orders! and a big long list of things in the works...

5. this is how i shop :)

i spent $149.48

i saved $90.05 in coupons, in-store deals, and promotions.

my shopping is usually proportioned this way... where i save about a third of the regularly priced bill, though i am usually not spending $150 a trip!!

6. just some random pictures :)

these two crack me up.

teacher gifts. the stamps are found here... lots of fun ones still available!

fun summer cups filled with good yummy chocolates.

when lilly came home from school, i asked her if her teachers liked their gifts, and she said... "guess what mrs. h said.... she said she's allergic to calories!" hilarious!!

the little man had roseola last week. hes fine now though :)

grass that lilly grew at school. it has now been planted into a bald spot in our front yard :)

i am not planning to re-read this over a billion times , like normal, so please forgive the errors! ok, so i lied, ive already gone back 3 times to make changes.

have a great week :)


Betty said...

Good savings, The most I have saved is 10dls. But I do shop at the commissary, military store where we don't pay taxes. Love the necklas site, I got it from one ofmy blog freinds and I truly like her items. Did you get my invitation, I made my blog private if not please let me know happy Memorial day!

Katie said...

WTG on the savings we are big coupon people too.

sarah said...

you're quite the shopper!
awesome savings!

glad you liked the book/magazine!

joshaaaa said...

$149!!! wow

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