it feels nice to be appreciated.
i love to make people feel appreciated.
i hope that i've succeeded a few times in that.

Cool wrapping paper.
Like the stamps??
You can get them cheap... right here!!
(actually the alpha is already sold out... but there are still a lot of fun ones left!)

for mother's day, lilly made me a cute little gift at school, paper flowers.
i told her that they were the BEST kind for me, because they don't make me sneeze :)

Her card makes me giggle.
Partially because we are such a foodie family.
Partially because half the stuff I make she doesn't even like :)

Last week was teacher appreciation week.

I sent letters out to all the kids' parents asking for a small contribution, and we were able to fill up a tote bag full of goodies and gift cards for Lilly's teacher. I was amazed with how much we were able to get for her! Lilly's teacher is truly the best, she has set the bar very very high.

I had an embroidery order last week and was able to find these adorable little pea pod designs!!

a cool find at hobby lobby, makes for a fun mother's day gift. lilly choose pink of course.

ants from aunt melissa.

im sad to say i think most of them are not alive anymore :(

and the little man walking. such a goof.

and i appreciate blogger for letting me upload more than one picture at once now! maybe that feature has been there forever? i could have easily looked that one over.

have a great weekend everyone :)

1 comment:

Rorie said...

Jen, you have totally made me feel appreciated many times. :) I love your stitching work too.
(I have to say I wouldn't have been disappointed that the ants died...I may have helped them along...I know, I'm cruel.)

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