7 years

may 26, 2008.
seven married years :)

another family photo shoot.
timed camera shots.
the camera on a box.
a stuffed tiger on the camera.
daddy presses the button and runs to the rest of us.
sitting in front of flowers at our house.
and flowers on the side of our neighbor's house.

we are silly. but the neighbors don't mind :)

a bit of cropping on the pics and wallah...
instant family photos.
(still need to photoshop out the electric meters. lol.)

i love when a photo really captures my life.
the 'bloopers' totally capture my life :)

enjoy your week :)


Janelle said...

What a beautiful family! (Love the blooper shots, too!)

denise said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how many super shots you ended up with. The bloopers are my favorite though:) Gorgeous family!

Rorie said...

Jen, you have such a cute family. Love the blooper pics too, especially Lilly's look in the last one. :)

ali said...

What a great tradition! I love the one of just you and the kids :)

Happy Anniversary!

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