pics and the 2nd drawing...

just some pictures... and the 2nd drawing video :)

a gigantic batch of delicious cookie dough :)

the squatter.
seriously, i think this is his job... squatting.

daddy testing out his weighted backpack.

the biggest strawberry we ever did see.

and here is the 2nd drawing for some Mandarin Pixie stamps!

the video...

...please let me know which set you would like and i will get that and some EZmount headed your way!

(i am sad to report that minutes after this video was taken the owl's head was dropped and broke into about 8 pieces :( i could not bear to throw him away, so a little super glue and he's back up above our cupboards where his injuries are not so noticable.)

happy friday to all of you!


rmeyfe said...

Oh no!! I am sorry to hear the owl's head broke!! Congrats on winning Ali!!

Rorie said...

Mmm, that cookie dough looks delicious. Love the squatter pictures!

Krysty said...

Oh dear...I'm sorry to hear about Owl too...I know that was a precious find and the kids obviously loved him!

Anonymous said...

How sad about the owl!


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