our sale :)

garage sales.
they are fun to shop.
but they are very hard work to get set up.
running them is a lot of work too.
this time around, the work was well worth it.
we got rid of a TON of stuff!!

so happy to make people smile with good deals.
so happy that our 'old' stuff can find new homes.


(I wish I would have taken close ups inside the garage, because we really unloaded in there!!)

Lilly's lemonade stand :)
She made $50.00 in 2 days at her stand!!!!!
(I still can't believe that one...)

Lilly's best thief... er, I mean, customer.
I set up a little embroidery stand.
A few people took cards, so that was fun!

So there you go!

...a little garage sale fun.

Hope that eveyone is having a nice week :)

Be on the lookout in my next few postings for a fun recipe gathering of sorts! I'll get more details out soon, but start thinking about those recipes that you always make, take, and are passing out to others!! I'm always thinking of something... and you know I love food and fun recipes :)


ali said...

great job with the garage sale! I can't believe Lilly made $50! Maybe she will be an entrepreneur like her mom!

Can't wait to hear about the recipe thing! Most of my recipes that I pass on come from you!!

Rorie said...

Wow, looks like you did great. I'm amazed about the lemonade stand too. I never made any money at those things. :P

Pam said...

I agree they are a lot of work. I know when we got rid of the baby stuff we used to make a ton of money and hopefully you did too! Congrats to Miss Lily on her awesome job!

Stephanie said...

love your little embroidery stand.. I get some great ideas from you.thanks

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