i've said it before. but i'll remind you :)

i am crafty to keep myself sane :)
time? i make time.

-usually it's when the kids are in bed.
-or during some rare weekend hours when i get some ME time.
yes, that is dave... #22 in the middle of the page.
showing off his fine hockey skills :)
(you can click that narrow picture for the whole picture)

some of our 'crafting' is family style :)

like these fruits we dried and gave as a gift!
lilly was our label artist.

dave and lilly repotted some plants dug right out of our own gardens, and gifted them. fun idea for the hard to gift person :)
daddy took care of harvesting our garlic.
our garage is now the sweet smell of garlic and hockey bag. yum.

i made a few cards! (though i really miss scrapping...)

i finally made MYSELF a tote bag :)
a few custom orders...

another quilt finished!

I do have more crafty things to share, but i'm sure i've already bombarded you with more than the eye can stand :) I will share more later!!

If you are still reading... don't forget about the recipe collection!

I'm excited with what we have so far :) Here's a little teaser....

This recipe has been submitted!!

Have a happy weekend everyone :)


Rorie said...

You are so crafty, and I love seeing the work you come up with. Thanks for sharing!
I plan on participating in the recipe swap, I just need to remember to get some recipes together!

Katie said...

looks like you have been enjoying your summer.

Tammy said...

You've been a busy little bee! Love those ideas and I'm definitely going to order some cool embroidered things. I'll get around to it soon... (the six words that haunt me :)

Betty said...

I love your quilt, the colors are fantastic. You really impress me I have just one daughter I almost have time to be crafty.
Excellent job Jen!

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