father's day (part 2)

thank you for 2 of the best days ever...
love you dave :)

happy father's day!
we love you!!

here is the addition...(for those who have already seen the top half of this post)

when i was posting sunday night, i had actually looked in my june folder of digi pics to find a recent pic of dave with the kids... and there were none to be found.

so today, unexpectedly (as i had not told dave what i had wanted to post)... i open my email and dave had sent me a few photos from his office's family party which was held over the weekend. one of the photos was this one...



Anonymous said...

Oh...man!! Chessy Dave and his Cheesy kids :-) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

This picture is ADORABLE!!!
I love it Jen

rmeyfe said...

Great pictures!!

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