'birtday birtday mees mees'

Happy Birthday to my little sister Melissa :)
(sung as 'birtday birtday mees mees' by the little miss lillian)

wasnt it so long ago that we were so cute??
oh, we still arent too bad :)

and somethign fun that my sister sent me via email... a birthday wish to from martha herself :)

Melissa ------
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
----- Forwarded by Melissa ------/NYSL/MSLO on 02/24/2006 04:31 PM -----

Martha Stewart
To: Melissa ------/NYSL/MSLO@MSLO
02/24/2006 04:28 cc:
PM Subject: Tomorrow

Dear Melissa,

I saw on my birthday calendar that tomorrow is your birthday. My very best
wishes to you.

Have a beautiful day.


um... how fun is that??? LOL

Happy birthday Miss!! we love you:) (((HUGS)))


erin said...

I really love looking at those picture! Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Anonymous said...

Tell Missy we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

-Kelli and Dan

trisha said...

tell melissa i said happy b-day although im a couple of days late. great pics

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