a happy day for lilly

-a 52 ounce bag of m&m's ("ems") from sam's... we needed to restock, as one M for each successful trip to the potty is rewarded)

-a new blue's clues ("coos coos") toothbrush

-watering daddy's garden and the slide with water from her pool

-a few trips to the bathroom all by herself (i mean, she opened the door, got herself ready, sat on the potty and went... all by herself...)

-a few reminders to mommy and daddy that she needed to go potty

-coloring a happy birthday banner for her friend abby

-dry panties ALL day long!!

-a present from mommy and daddy for doing so good with the potty... as lilly calls it "snoopy snoopy"

(and of course, a big knock on wood from me!)


erin said...

ah! She is growing up fast!

Rorie said...

Yeah, I'd be happy with a big ol' bag of M&M's too. :) Wonderful on the potty training too!

ali said...

Awesome progress! Way to go Lilly!

Some of our lilies bloomed in the yard and when I was talking about them yesterday, Josh just kept looking around. He thought I was talking about your Lilly!

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