summer break

survived our 3 day garage sale... rain and all.

sunday, dave and i weeded and mulched the yard after living here for only 3 years... and our bodies can still move today :)

today, the 1st day of 'real' summer break.

this afternoon... i napped while lilly napped. not that i needed to, or should have. my list of things to do is huge, and napping is the last thing on that list.

i napped because i could :)

did i ever mention that napping is one of my top 5 favorite things to do?

for real, it is. i know. im bad.

(but i did take the girls on 2 walks this morning, so i guess i was a little tired... lol. yeah, that justifies the nap enough for me!)

happy summer :)


Missy said...

oh I am so very jealous of your nap.

erin said...

You can add making 175 program invites that you did tonight. Meaning...you needed a nap to have energy to make those! Thanks, friend!

ali said...

A nap sounds like a great idea! You guys have been productive and I think you deserved the nap! No need to feel guilt.

Rorie said...

I'm so with you on the nap thing! Have a wonderful summer break.

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