a post for me!

when cohen was born we got the most adorable burp cloth with his name embroidered on it. as soon as i saw it, i wanted to be able to make my own.

well, i did something special for myself.
i bought myself a 'little' toy.

welcome to my new hobby!
hope you enjoy :)

the princess herself.
modeling a shirt she helped design.

pillowcases for some special boys (a new big brother and a bday boy)

part of my first official 'order' (from my great neighbor lesley!)...
a fun little tote for a little lady.

then i had to try another as a bday gift for a dear friend!

burp cloths for every baby i know :)

may i just say how cute they are??

the next several pics are gifts i made for twins :)
i took lots of combination pictures, just because i think they are too darling.

ok. that's it for now, but you know i'll be sharing more :)
and of course, i'll take orders ;)
(i'm working on a 'price list' for those interested.)



Rorie said...

Jen, those are so cute! What a fun new hobby. :)

April said...

very cute....i'll have to keep that in mind once we start having kids!

Janelle said...

How wonderful! Those are just darling! :) Have fun with your new hobby!

denise said...

Jen, why do you have to have all of the creative ability?! Can't you share some with us:) Your work and ideas are sooo cute. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Jen!! Adorable.


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