so, ive had a really rough week.
just down in the dumps, and finding it real hard to get back to my 'normal' self. having a hard time knowing what my 'normal' self is really.

but... 2 things did make me smile big yesterday.

1. flowers from my sister
2. a 220 quantity box of my favorite diapers for $17.11 (that comes to less than 8 cents a diaper... and those of you who buy diapers know what an awesome steal that is!! and those of you who know how cheap i am know how happy that makes me!!)

hey... you have to find happiness where you can ;)


Rorie said...

Sending you some big cyber hugs. Sorry you're feeling down in the dumps.
And yeah, that diaper deal is awesome! WTG on finding that. :)

Betty said...

Well at least we are two. I also had a hard week. But as you say we should be tahnkful for what we have and just for the fact to be a here.
Good deal with the diapers!
Hope this weekend will be easier for you.

Katie Jones said...

sorry you are bumming. do something fun.

ali said...

We love you, Jen! Hugs to you from the Bogers!

We must know where you are shopping for your awesome diaper deals. Good job!!!

elizabeth said...

awww...i'm sorry you've been feeling "un-normal". i've felt that way before too and it sucks.

so big hugs and here's hoping that you get back to "normal" soon!!!

ps....i don't have to buy diapers any more but i can appreciate the awesome deal you got :)

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