transportation at the beach

besides the 13 hour car trip... here are some transportation pics from vacation :)

the coast guard flew right along the beach... with guys dangling their legs out the back.

the kids rode the kmart carousel.
remember those?

cohen rode the cooler.
because that's what he does.
and lastly... jammin in the odyssey.
rockin out to the most current of cohen's favorite songs :)


Rorie said...

Wow, your kids look so happy for being in the car for 13 hours. Mine would be either screaming until he pukes or zoned out, staring at the DVD player the entire time. (Guess which one I prefer?)
That would have been fun to see the helicopter. Joey would have loved it.

ali said...

How long had they been in the car at this point? They look like they were fun to travel with...how great for your family!

Betty said...

oh my! so funny this video. Delany and I love that song as well and we do the same while we drive loll.

erin said...

I do remember the Kmart ride! lol!

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