the party

here are some pics from miss L's big party :)

the invite.
quick, simple, but cute, i think.
sorry... not a good pic.

the cake.
i made it :)
pretty proud.
though i was a bit crazy for starting the seeds at 9:30 the night before the big day.
but... it got done AND it looked like a strawberry. yeah!

too many, of course :)
but so proud of lilly for using her manners and saying thank you to everyone as she opened them up.

the pinata.
from aunt melissa :)
rain and cold outside means...
the pinata stays inside our tiny little house.
hanging from a broken hockey stick held by daddy.
mommy on the couch with a big pillow in her lap.
praying no one hits the TV... or a person.
all went well. no injuries to report.
(and yes... the kids used a little hockey stick for whacking the pinata)

all in all, a very fun party.

so glad to have so many family and friends with us.

of course... cramped for mommy with so many people in the house, but hey... can't control the weather in march. or anytime in ohio really.

thank you to dee for taking more pictures than me!! amazing what i forget to do these days :)

and now, on to the next celebration... happy easter to all!


Janelle said...

Looks like a berry fun party! :) Adorable cake and adorable girl!!

Anonymous said...

The strawberry cake is awesome! Great pics! Happy Birthday Lilly!


rmeyfe said...

Love the cake that is so awesome!!

Katie Jones said...

Love Love Love that Cake! Looks like a fun party

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