lilly language (part 2) and FOTD (see below)

some more fun ones...

pee you nunk = PU skunk
boney = zamboni (the machine that cleans the ice, for those of you not hockey literate)
nice to me = be nice to me (said MANY times to her 2 little friends today)
meesh hat = kameisha hat (this is what she calls the hat that kameisha got her for valentine's day)
me do = i want to do it!
oh boy (while hitting herself in the forehead)= oh boy (the referee at daddy's hockey game taught her this tonight... thank you ref)

ok so those are a few more, some just came to mind, and some are new (nunk...lol)

and while i am here, i will be taking names for my FOTD (friend/family of the day) blog posts!!

if you sign in here (by leaving a comment...) your name will be put in a jar. when i need something to blog about, i will draw a name, and that person becomes the FOTD!!

i get to tell how we know each other and something fun about you/us... (i wont embarrass anyone, and if i do, you have the right to request that i remove the embarrassing story.)

so come on people... comment below (just say 'hey' or 'i want to be added to your FOTD jar'... just humor me (as my mom always says). this is good for me (and you!) i have so many special people in my life, and i need to reflect on this!! ill be checking back often to see who has added their name...

(now i KNOW a lot of people read this and dont comment, so now is the time to comment, so i can tell a story about you!!)

im off to find a jar :)


Trisha W. said...

gee jen i can't believe no one has commented. i am guilty of reading and not commenting so here i am. hopefully my name will be picked :)

erin said...

Add me to your jar! Very fun idea! I might have to blog lift that!

Daphne said...

Hey Jen,
I want to scrapbook with you sometime! I want to go to Cord Camera so badly; gave up buying sb'ing stuff for lent!!! So, pick me!!! Daphne

Anonymous said...

ok I add me. What a cute story about the ref teaching the oh boy thing.Karen

ali said...

Me! Me! Me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!! Add my name to your jar!!=)

Have a good night!!!


Rorie said...

Pick me, pick me! :p

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