monday night

rewind to friday night...
-bumped into the one and only missy @ cord camera on friday night!! (how fun was that?!?!? VERY! )


-new post over at The MP Blog
-went to sat night church... lilly made trail mix... so cute!! made me really feel like she is 'growing up'!! ahhhhh!


did a new LO...

-did a little bday browsing for the booster

monday monday
-first day of spring
-'spring break' starts
-i get to leave the house whenever i want all week long...
-wish i knew how to use a sewing machine to make a new bag like my 10 year old vera bradley bag that i LOOOOOVE
-got a $10.00 off coupon for our next trip to Meijer!! (ahhh, gotta love the bargains...)
-made banana chocolate chip walnut bread.... yum
-prison break is back on (woohoo!!)
-waiting for 3-6 inches of snow... (where oh where is spring?)


erin said...

That is fun that you met Missy! I would love to meet her, but I am feeling like a stalker reading her blog. ;)

Very nice lo! It is a different Jen lo than I am used to seeing.

I have a "sew cute" sewing machine you could borrow but I don't think that will help in the area of making an actual purse. LOL

Yeah, gotta love the snow on spring break. Why couldn't it be on a day when school is in session? jeez. I'm as bad as the kids.

Rorie said...

I'd love to be able to sew as well. I have a sewing machine, I just don't know how to use it! Have a great spring break!

Missy said...

Jen! It was great bumping in to you guys friday :)

So so so glad that happened... we will now have to PLAN something - lol.

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