the time finally came for me to buy some photo storage.
i went from 100% full to 4 point something % full.
nice.  that should last a while :)

in dave and i's future careers we may become personal crafters.
laurie's personal crafters :)

dave recovered chairs for her.
they just moved into a new house and wanted a new look.

 isn't the fabric gorgeous!!
the boys.
wanting in on the chair photo shoot :)
 laurie asked me to make a banner for a baby shower she was co-hosting...
 here it is on display at the shower, so fun!!
(and if you look close... you will see some LBE items on the clothesline ;)
and... cookies for a bday party!
(these will get a post of their own soon :)
oh if i could craft all day long and pay the mortgage.

thank you laurie.
for making me feel extra special.


Rorie said...

The chairs look great. The cookies look very yummy. The banner and LBE stuff looks so cute! You are just so wonderfully creative and talented. (And Dave too.)

Rorie said...

Oh, I forgot to add, we tried your brussels sprouts recipe the other day. I thought they were really good. Dh thought they were "good for brussels sprouts." Joey took one bite and acted like he was going to die. But his opinion doesn't really count when it comes to food. :P

Katy Cameron said...

Oh to be able to craft all day for a living. Great job on everything though :o)

Swedish Mama said...

Good job, looks great.

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