lori, come on down!!

my uncle emailed a few weeks ago about a special custom cookie order.
you see, his wife (my aunt lori), was taped as a contestant on The Price Is Right!
and it's airing tomorrow!!! tuesday, april 19th.
 so he ordered cookies to surprise her with.
to take to school and share with her students.
isn't he the sweetest?
(and she was sooooo excited to see these cookies)
(and that made me smile ;)
i can honestly say that i have never been so excited
to watch some mid day TV as i am right now :)
 congrats aunt lori!!
can't wait to see you in all your glory ;)
(now... go check and see when the show is on so you can watch too!!)


Katie said...

LOL! I had a friend on Price is Right like 10 years ago.

Jodie said...

I was watching TPIR one day and saw a girl I went to college with. Such a fun show! I hope she won something big!

Rorie said...

How fun for your Aunt and for you guys to be able to watch her!

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