i'm not feeling the love for my blog these days.
but i am feeling the love for these kids.
(sporting their hand picked get-ups.)
and the little man's soccer shoes... at least 2 sizes too big.
and the little lady's personality... at least 2 sizes too big.
and our house... which is almost always this messy.
and our days... which are almost always full.
these kids make everything worth it.
i love them so so much.
(and their daddy too :)
(here they are waiting to leave for soccer practice.)


Rorie said...

Hahaha, love when Lilly poses at the end and says "I'm done." (at least, that sounded like what she said.)

Hope they enjoy soccer! :)

Katie said...

Lol I feel like that sometimes at work. Oh no wait that's a hamster on a treadmill.

Sam said...

how Cohen just lays down and dies at the end. Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

too too cute :)

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