FOTD is Rorie!!

rorie... one of my "IDOS" friends. you see, some people may call me crazy. but i have this little online scrapping family, and rorie is a part of that group i call my friends.

here are some of the things i love about rorie...

*she is a new mommy... (to darling little joey.)

*she's a mandarin pixie stamper!!! (((HUGS)))
*she's a scrapper. and she uses her own handwriting on her LOs which is something i really admire :)
*she's a 'stay at home mom'... the hardest job in the world.
*she's a breastfeeder, one of the most selfless acts you can do for your child (had to list this one!! hehee... that word makes me laugh, kinda sounds like a "birdfeeder")...
*she has a great goofy husband... (who put the letter "Z" on their return address label... even though his name, nor their last name, begins with a Z...HA!! i love that!!)
*she sent me a card once, just to make me smile...
*she sent a card to my sister, just to make her smile...
*she is a simple girl (just like me!!)
*she believes in GOD
*she is truly just the sweetest... and i hope to meet her someday :)

here is one of her LOs... (which i ganked from her IDOS gallery!)
(I hadn't even seen this one yet, rorie!! I love it btw!!)



Rorie said...

Oh, you are so sweet Jen! Thank you so much for all the good things you said about me. :) You are truly awesome.

erin said...

Love the FOTD idea because I get to know the people behind your stories and their scrapbook pages! I noticed this lo a week or so ago, I think. It stood out to me. She is very talented and sounds like an amazing person!

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