it feels soooo good to scrap. sometimes i forget how much i enjoy this craft. i really love it... really. its almost better than chocolate ;) erin and i went to a crop last night... very fun, good music (hehehe) and conversation! i must get out of the house more often :)

got my hair cut at charles penzone's this morning (LOVE it there)... it's cute (my hair that is). i feel a bit more hip. not that i was hip to start with. at least it makes me feel a little new :) not the running pants, boogery oversized tshirt mommy that i really am.

lilly keeps calling me 'happy birthday girl' today... hehe. so cute.
then she gets a little peeved when we tell her its my birthday and that hers was last month.

"nooo... me too mama"
"ok baby... you can have fun on mama's birthday too"
"yeah... happy birthday girl"


erin said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! It sounds like you are having a wonderful day!

ali said...

sounds like a perfect day! happy birthday! I am glad you are enjoying yourself!

Missy said...

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday dear JEEEEENNNNNN
happy birthday to you :)

LOVE that page...
and that miss lilly wants it to be her bday too :)

Rorie said...

Happy belated birthday! I want to see a pic of your new 'do now. :)

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