dave is the new scrapper

so, the current dare is to have your husband (significant other, child,... etc) make a page :)

look what my lovely husband came up with ( he picked out the paper at hobby lobby and everything!)

look at the boy go! hehehe... he even used a MP stamp and i didn't say a WORD about using them (well, not that one... i said he could use them 'in general' if he wanted.)

what really cracks me up, is how much this looks like a layout that i would do. i honestly didnt help him all that much... just a few words of advice and 'construtive criticism' along the way. in fact, i was out of the room most of the time, as lilly was having nothing to do with the family scrapping night.

now, if only this were a regular occurrence, just think of how much scrapping i could get done!!


Missy said...

that page is PERFECT :)
I'm so so glad he did the dare.

erin said...

I am so impressed! Nice job, Dave!

ali said...

I love it! I love it even more that he picked out his own paper and everything!

Rorie said...

Way to go Dave! That page is awesome.

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